About me

some say, “Life isn’t pink and rosy”; I would like to disagree. It is I, Sarah Bazzouni, who believes that life is a pink and rosy as it could get.

Social bouquet is a fashion and lifestyle blog. My role is to inspire and be inspired.

I’m an ordinary little girl who has pursued what she loves. Having had graduated as an Interior designer from AUD, I decided that a career in architecture would fulfill many of my desires. Fortunately, indeed, I am currently working as an architect in Dubai, which has immensely enhanced my love for history, art, textures and fabrics.

I am also known as the colorful eye because of my ability to use little things to turn ordinary sights into beautiful images. No, it is not a magic wand that I use to design and create, it is simply my passion and eye for detail.

Other than fashion, I am very interested in food and making it appetizing for the eye. I love transforming bland recipes into something that can become a favorite. Whether it be simply adding ingredients or working on the design of the platter (or both!), the output is always something that comes from my heart.

I incentivize us all to use our energy, passion, smiles, intuitions, and hidden creativities to change the world.

Thank you for following and joining me in my discovery for more beautiful things!



I couldn’t have done it any better without my closest. Special thanks to the talented Graphic designer Maya Hage, Yasmine Bazzouni, Tarek Bazzouni for supporting me and to the gifted photographer and friend in crime Tzesika Iliovits.